Lescop. Lescop

Lescop. Lescop This French group has many years playing, and finally they released their first album, including some of the songs of their EP. Unfortunately, one of our favorite songs in one of… Continue reading

Gig or playback?

Recently, a lot of groups and artist use electronic devises to play their songs. This, including pre-recorded sounds, voices, instruments, and so on… When they playing live, they are really playing live?? Or… Continue reading

Every Open Eye. Chvrches

The return of Chvrches after their succesful debut “The Bones of what you believe”, it was not so huge as they deserved. Sometimes listening their first album, one can thought in Purity Ring,… Continue reading

Teens of Denial. Car Seat Headrest

Teens of denial. Car seat headrest According to the legend, the name of Car Seat Headrest comes from Will Toledo, who chose the name after record the vocals of the first album in… Continue reading

The music only in streaming

The last album of Chance the Rapper, “Coloring Book” it’s only on streaming in Apple Music. You can’t download it from iTunes or listen in streaming on Spotify. Doing this, Chance The Rapper… Continue reading

I Need Your Light. Ra Ra Riot

Need your light. Ra Ra Riot  The return of Ra Ra Riot, after Beta Love is really refreshing. There are excellent songs as “Call me Out”, “Instant breakup”, “Bad times” and “I need… Continue reading

Ideas to evaluate music

Today, we have decided to publish the principles ideas that we’ll use to evaluate the albums that will talk about… But why we will use this ideas?? Maybe you are thinking “The music… Continue reading

Or Something. The Calm Fiasco

There are not many blogs speaking of this band, but believe us, The Calm Fiasco is a new band really awesome. The vocalist’s voice has been compared with the voice of the James… Continue reading

Non-Believers. Mac McCaughan

In his first album solo, Mac McCaughan explores in profundity the sound of rock and develop many of his own ideas. The single, “Lost Again” remind us the sound of several Superchunk songs,… Continue reading

Brakes. Brakes

With a fresh sound, this group originally appear in 2003 in Brighton, UK. Even, this group haven’t released album in the last years, their music keep playing in our ears. They are known… Continue reading