The Colour in Anything. James Blake

⭐️⭐️⭐️ After recording several songs in his bedroom, James Blake started his career in 2009 with the EP “Air & Lack” which later became in “Hemlock”. This was a little start of a meteoric career which will be followed by his famous and homonym album “James Blake” and later by “Overgrown”, which leads to win […]

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The artist or the oeuvre?

In recent days was published in the site Tenement TV an article titled “Could Massive Attack’s 3D Be Banksy?” by Craig Williams. According to this article, the “startling suggestion was made this afternoon by sources close to Il Cartello, the Italian online cultural magazine”, and the reasons of this association are that Robert Del Naja […]

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Blond. Frank Ocean

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In certain ways, all the arts are connected. In this sense, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, etc, in several ages were connected for similar tendencies and similar preoccupations. Nowadays, in painting, sculpture, and in the architecture the current is that the creative process is more important than the result of it. For example, in architecture, […]

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Interactive music, interactive apps

Nowadays there are an app for almost everything: from help to maintain health to scan documents, from apps to check the schedules of flights to apps to play games…That’s why is not strange that several musical artists release their own apps. But in this case it’s not only important the release of musical apps, is […]

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Gliss Riffer. Dan Deacon

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ When we think about Dan Deacon is inevitable think if he is better in album or live: in album is easier listen the textures of his music, but live he is a showman: he creates an atmosphere of charm and people frequently dance following the beats of his music, while sometimes he down with […]

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The Spoils. Massive Attack

Few months ago, Massive Attack (English trip hop group consisting in Robert “3D” del Naja and Grant “Dady G” Marshall) launched an app called Fantom, through they will be sending updates and new songs. This app is interactive and has pre-charged samples of the new songs of Massive Attack. (You can download the app here: […]

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