Mental health and musicians

In a recent interview, Kendrick Lamar talked how is about his struggling with depression: “Um, as of now, I’m cool. I won’t say I’m content. I don’t want that word. I’m not satisfied yet. But as far as having a sense of personal stress to that level, no. That’s a good space because I can […]

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The Robot’s Voice

The stage is in red and black. Suddenly, the lyrics of the song in Russian “Ya tvoy sluga” (I’m your servant) will announce the apparition of some robots representing the Kraftwerk members, playing The Robots (Die Roboter) live. This representation, in the last Kraftwerk tour was replaced for a show 3-D with the images of […]

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The Sound of the Dead

When somebody loved dies, there are some many options to remember: through videos, letters, messages, pictures, etc. But an innovative approach to being alive after dead, is became in a Vynil. Yes! This option is now available in an U.K. Company named And Vynyly.  This company “put cremated body parts into raw vinyl that is […]

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Taylor Swift and the Diamonds

Taylor Swift is freaking out the music industry. Now are we talking about a new way to make tours for more money? In August 25th, Taylor Swift released her new song titled “Look What You Made Me Do” that breaks The Spotify record of Ed Sheeran’s song “Shape Of You “ with 8 millions of […]

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