Unbloomed. Johnny Aries

Maybe one of the best albums in the last years, Johnny Aries is better known as a member in the tour of The Drums and as a frontman of the retro band Two… Continue reading

31ø8. 31ø8

A refreshing album, 31ø8 appears in the music scene from London, creating a pop music and mixing with guitars and synths in an extraordinary way. There are certain similarities with the guitar sound… Continue reading

The Patience. The Patience

The Patience EP   Roxanne Clifford, vocalist of Veronica Falls, became famous for her languid voice and nostalgic lyrics. Also, she became the image of one Franz Ferdinand EP.   I say this… Continue reading

Where the music matters

Hi everybody! We love music as you!! And we have identify that there are a gap in the musical magazines, cause lot of all only speak about the last albums of the mainstream… Continue reading