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It’s a great time to be making music, and a great time to be listening to music, too. Interview with Lawrence McCluskey. 

Lawrence McCluskey is the brilliant mind behind Strawberry Whiplash and Bubblegum Lemonade. While Strawberry Whiplash is an indie pop band hailing from Glasgow Scotland, with Sandra McCluskey on vocals and Lawrence on instruments… Continue reading

Our vision is to become the next standard format. Interview with Bruce Pavitt and Adam Farish, founders of 8Stem.

Bruce Pavitt is well known as one of the founders of Sub Pop, an alternative label which in 1980s kickstarted the success of grunge bands as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney. By the other… Continue reading

Never Miss a Beat with Record Bird – An exclusive interview with Co-Founder Andreas Mahringer.

Day after day, there are a lot of releases in the music market of several artists/musicians/groups. But also, there are a gap between offer and demand: the fans of the artists/musicians/groups can’t know… Continue reading

Art (and music) are personal. Interview with Neil McCormick

Neil McCormick is now is one of the most relevant voices in the music critic around the world. He was born in London in 1961. His journalistic career started at Hot Press music… Continue reading

We just make what we wanna make.  Interview with Sune Rose Wagner

Sune Rose Wagner is the best example of a versatil artist: songwriter, guitarist, vocalist (solo and in the rock group The Raveonettes), producer (of groups as Crocodiles), collaborator with other artists (as in… Continue reading

There’s no one way that the song can begin. Interview with Crocodiles

Crocodiles are Brandon Welchez (vocals and guitar) and Charles Rowell (guitar) from San Diego, California, sometimes defined as noise pop/indie pop/post punk band.  Crocodiles gained exposure when the Southern California noise pop band… Continue reading

Music First. It’s the most important bit. Interview with 31Ø8

31Ø8 it’s a project created by Tyler Zypreksa, a musician and producer based in London. His first and homonyms album it’s an amazing exploration about sounds and textures, and has an unforgettable songs… Continue reading