Why do the musicians make music?

There are three main reasons why the musicians do music: 1) for pleasure and share their art, 2) for gain money and 3) for became famous.

With independence if it’s right or wrong these reasons or if they can coexist, the goals could be very different.

In the first case, If the musicians create music for pleasure, the main goal should be being listened for the other people. According to this criteria, their creation can be according to what they like and could be with independence of the music market. The idea of make money or being famous, shouldn’t be the most important thing of create music.

In contrast, if the main goal of the artists is make money, the rules are different: the most important part, should be create music according to the interest of the market and according to what the people is listening around the world. They could, in certain way, lose the most important part of being artist: the freedom to create. Also, their music couldn’t resist the pass of the years, if is created according to the nowadays music market. Other ways to make money can be sell merchandise, gigs (play live), teach music (to other people), songwriting, etc. Some ideas of how the artists can make music appear in this article (https://medium.com/giglue/18-ways-musicians-can-make-money-bb54883325d5)

Finally, if the main goal is became famous, we must ask first, what means being famous nowadays: being famous is have many followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Been known by some other famous artists? Been trend on Google? (Some ideas appear in this article https://www.buzzfeed.com/naomizeichner/so-famous) Today is easier than ever became famous through the social media, but the artists must have in mind that being famous not always imply make money.

Can the artist make music and money, and also being famous? Sure they can have all, this is the best of all. But, in this case, they have to still fighting for preserve their freedom, in contrast with what the music market demand.


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