Meet and greets. Expectations vs reality

“I do touch my fans” answered Avril Lavigne to the radio station KISS 92.5, after some pictures of a meet and greet with her fans in Brazil were published in 2014: they payed $400 to stand almost near of the singer, but they cannot touch her. (You can check it out the full article in this link:

While Avril Lavigne say that situation were for security aspects, the question is… What can do the fans in a meet and greet? Is what the fans expected for what they payed? 

According to Noisey, the average package for a well-established artist usually starts around $300 to $400 and the dynamics of the meet and greets are, in general, as follows: The “package is a ticket upgrade that gives you the best seats in the house (usually front rows), a goodie bag full of custom merch items not sold to ‘regular’ fans, early entry into the show and any other little experience perks that can be managed, such as a catered soundcheck party. The average meet and greet has 100-plus people per night… There are people (security, coordinators etc) to keep the interaction to a minimum… For efficiency, fans are usually not allowed to take the picture themselves nor ask for autographs, as they’ve either received a signed item in their merchandise for, again, efficiency”. (You can check it out the full article in this link:

As have said the site Baewatch: “Meet and greets are meant to do one thing and one thing only: make money from fans who want a quick taste of celebrity” but some artists has been criticized for the attitudes with her fans like Avril Lavigne, or for the expensive prices, like in the case of Britney Spears, who “has come under fire for her awkward meet and greets that began at $1000 and now cost an outrageous $2500.” (You can check it out the full article in this link:

Anyway, in the meet and greets, there are not space for a conversation, for a pic taken by the fans, for establish a relationship with the bands/artists or even, for an autograph. If the fans have this on mind, they’ll love the experience. 

Finally, when a band/artist participate in a meet and greet is working: “When a celebrity is doing a meet and greet, it is their job to be kind and gracious. If they aren’t either of these two things, they’re doing a terrible job at portraying their brand”.

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