The tragedy and the help

Sometimes a tweet or a post in Facebook can help a lot. That’s the case of the famous artists, which sharing an statement or a feeling, can influence in their fans to help.

The most recent case of that kind of help was the earthquake in Mexico City, the past September 19, which devastated many areas of that city, and other areas of the country. 

Many famous bands posted tweets while many others posted on Facebook showing sorrow for the tragedy and influencing in an indirect way to their fans to help in this situation to the Mexican people, through the hashtag #prayforMexico. Among others bands, we can find Interpol, Garbage, White Lies, Cults, The Drums, Chris Baio, Camera Oscura, that were worried about this terrible situation. 

Also Bono, frontman of U2, said some words for Mexico and Brian Adams recorded a song sending some love and support to the Mexican people. You can check it out the video in this link:

The consequence of this, is that the famous artists/bands, can help to call the international attention in this tragedy and, most important, feel to their fans loved by its admired artists. 


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