Essential Albums: Hopes & Fears by Keane

In this year the iconic album of this English trio titled “Hopes & Fears” turns 15 years since this one was released. Keane is celebrating the anniversary of the album with an special reissue on vinyl of this great album; that’s why The Echo Music Team decided to talk about this essential album.

Hopes & Fears starts with their first single debut “Somewhere Only We Know” a catchy song with a huge essence of the classic britpop.

Then the next song on the album is “This is the Last Time” another of the singles of the album with great reception.

Another track of our favorites is We Might As Well Be Strangers, a heartbreaker song with good melodic compasses on this song.

Everybody’s Changing is one of the innovative tracks on the album and the music video too.. showing us literally that everybody changes on it.

I Can’t Stop Now is another of our favorites tracks during the album… the piano and Tom Chaplin’s voice creates a great music mixture.
The album closes with the melancholyc song “Bedshaped”. The music video was created in slow motion. 

Hopes & Fears was nominated to the Mercury Prize of 2004 and many Brit Awards. And in fact, this album was listed as the ninth best-selling album of the 2000s decade in the UK. The album has sold approximately five and a half million copies worldwide.

This album had an extraordinary success that the band released a live DVD with exclusive material titled Strangers. 

Keane has released fourth albums and a Greatest Hits album on their music career and after of ups & downs, they released a new song for the fantasy drama film A Monster Calls.
Nowadays, Tom Chaplin is touring with his solo album debut “The Wave”; a personal album in his own words that express the dark side of being the frontman of Keane and how he dealt with the success of this English Trio.

You can get a copy of Hopes & Fears reissue at his official page:

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