Interview with Dead Leaf Echo: The Essence of Shoegaze 

Dead Leaf Echo are a Music & Design Collective from Brooklyn, NY. With one album debut tilted “Thought and Language” realeased and a serie of EP’s, and their last one Strawberry Skin we can find a innovative band of shoegaze genre. Dead Leaf Echo will release their second album on October 13th. Let’s get to know more about this band:

When did you discover that are you going to dedicate to the music? How started everything?
LG: At a very young age….it began with impulses that you can’t control.
Ana: I was in a band after college and recorded a full length album but after that didn’t think I would play music again. I fulfilled a life dream and studied acting for a few years but it led me right back to music and I’ve been playing in bands consistently for the past 10 years. I can’t seem to stop now.

Which are your musical influences?

LG: There are so many…..It’s impossible to name all of them and also it’s very difficult because there are so many influences that it’s clouded our vision at times. Perhaps you only need 3 or 4 strong influences to pull from.
Ana: I think there are some classic bands that people know we are influenced by – but what really “influences” our music is our life experiences, the art we see, the mood we’re in and the stories we tell each other.
How was the beginning with Dead Leaf Echo? Where comes from the name band?

LG: The beginning was very confusing but it found it’s way after years of self-discovery. The name comes from Vladimir Nabokov’s book “Lolita”

When you are going to create a song… where do you start? LG: Inspiration…an emotion or a reaction to something that is happening to you in your present state of life.

What is first? Music or lyrics? Do you believe in the inspiration or in the work daily?

LG: Most of the time music but not always. You have to believe in both. You can’t have one without the other. It can’t be finished without both. You need the inspiration to begin but the work to finish.
Do you start to create a song with an instrument in particular? LG: No not really any instrument is a possibility. It could be a guitar or a bass or a drum or a vocal. Or maybe an emotion or an inspiration.

Which is the process to write the lyrics? 
LG: A very difficult one that requires concentrating on the theme or motif of the album and also using poetry that is revolving around you personal life.

Are you thinking about the album as a whole thing or song by song? If you are thinking in the album as a whole thing… which is the gravity center of  an album?

LG: Both. It’s a simultaneous process. You develop the central theme and a motif and then see what songs you may have that fit that. You’re working each song individually but how they are working into each other as a whole once they become completed. It’s partially unconscious but eventually you have songs that need to serve the complete album that don’t yet exist, then it becomes easier to find them.

How do you order the songs in an album? 

It depends on the album and what the theme is but it has to have an ebb and flow to it and ultimately an arc.

How do you know when a song is finished? 

You never know. You have to stop at some point though otherwise it will never end.

Which is the most important thing that must have a song?

Ana: Honesty

LG: I agree with Ana. You cannot fool the audience.  Maybe in the beginnin but only if you are real with yourself with they can truly embrace you forever.

When you perform live… how do you choose the songs to play? There are any criteria to order the songs or is randomly? 
LG: You have to understand the audience, the setting that you are playing in and the mood that the musicians are in personally. Again in needs an arc just like the album to give the listener a feeling of levels.

With which artist would you like to collaborate in an album?

LG: Philip Glass, Harold Budd or Flood

Ana: Ian Masters

How do you perceive the shoegaze scene nowadays?
LG: Stronger yet more diluted than ever before
Ana: I used to think only my friends listened to shoegaze and that it was a small community. I’m thrilled that the musicians from all the classic bands are seeing so much success now but also that we get to play in a scene with so many great current bands that honor the sound.

What has been the sound evolution between Pale Fire and Strawberry Skin? 

Dreams have given way to reality. And the reality is that we’ve found a punk spirit in our live show given in by a combination of our own restlessness and the rebellion that everyone’s experiencing in the world around us from the political situations in the world.

We know that you are fan of some indie bands… Which musician/group are you listening currently?

LG: AR KANE, Ride, The Clash, Dark Star, Adorable, Dif Juz, Weeping Icon, YI

Ana: The Lilys, Black Needle Noise, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, 40 Watt Sun, Doomsquad

Check more about this band on his site on bandcamp:

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