The Curse Of Mercury Prize 

The Mercury Prize has been recognized as the major prize of the U.K. Music, as well not every artist of the U.K. is recognized by this prize; only a selected part of English artists are nominated to this prize.
The last Friday were announced their nominees that includes artists from The xx to Ed Sheeran but the purpyof this article is explain what happened with other artists nominees to this prize in the last years.

Now we’re focused on the 00’s decade.

In the year of 2000, a band called The Delgados was nominated to this prize, the same as well as Doves but after of 17 years, who reminds this bands? The Delgados split up in 2005 and Doves decided to take an hiatus in 2010.

Another example we can find in the year of 2002 in the case of The Coral and The Streets.

In the case of The Coral, after of their album of ….. the last year they released a new album titled Distances In Between with few reception.

In the case of The Streets, he joined with the vocalist of the extinguish band The Music for a project titled “the D.O.T” with few success.

In the 2003, Athlete was nominated but this band doesn’t exist the same as well as The Thrills.

 In the 2004, the Zutons is another case that they stop to making music.

In 2005, let’s talk about The Magic Numbers. A great album debut but nowadays few people reminds them. 

In 2006, the same case happened to the Guillemots. Another extinguish band.

In 2009, we can find the same case with Friendly Fires and Glasvegas, bands that haven’t released new albums.

In 2012, we can talk about The Maccabees case. They decided to split up last year.

In 2013, we can talk about Disclosure. This duo post it on twitter that they decided to take an hiatus form the music.

In 2014, we can talk about East India Youth that nowadays William Doyle makes ambiental music with his new project.

So after of analyzing this scenarios, the Mercury Prize will keep a curse? Or why the bands that they been nominee decided to stop making music?? 


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