Music & Women: 10 women voices that you need to hear. 

In the music scene there more men musicians than women, but here in the Echo Music Team selected 10 women voices you need to hear: 

10. Alice Boman- Alice Boman is from Sweden. With two EP’s released Alice Boman has an melodic & sweet voice that during this two EP’s released on her career, express to much pain for a heartbreak.

9. Anya Marina- Anya Marina was known more with her collaboration on the Twilight Saga Movie Soundtrack: New Moon with her song Satellite Heart. Anya with her four albums released mixes her sweet voice with melodic music that is one of our favorites woman voices.

8. Duffy. Duffy is a woman that has a peculiar and a special voice that makes you stumble. With two albums released her music is compared from Adele to Amy Winehouse. Extraordinary voice and must to hear Endlessly and Rockferry.

7. Klara Söderbergfrom First Aid Kit: Do you like Folk Music? Klara from First Aid Kit has one of the great women voices nowadays. You can listen all the albums of First Aid Kit and you’ll love them. 

6. Holly Miranda- Holly Miranda is another of our favorites woman voices. Her homonym album show us a great woman voice mixed with melodic piano and lyrics. Must to hear.

5. Joss Stone- Soul Music lover? Obviously you know Joss Stone. A special voice that makes her unique on the music scene. Listen The Soul Sessions.

4. Lavender Diamond- Lavender Diamond has sweet songs and can make you feel moody. You like discover new indie bands? Must to hear Incorruptible Heart.

3. Maja Milner fromMakthaverskan- One of the women voices that we love on the indie pop music scene. With two albums released has a special voice that we need to hear more new music.

2. Adele Bethel of Sons & Daughters: When we are referring to Sons & Daughter we need to talk about the year of 2008 with their album This Gift signed by Domino Records, we can’t ignore to this good woman voice. Must to hear Gilt Complex.

1. Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds- Maja Ivarsson has a huge and a great woman voice that makes you feel electrified. Front woman of The Sounds; a rock band with a great career that you should listen. Must to hear: All their albums.


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