Album Review: Every Valley by Public Service Broadcasting 

Public Service Broadcasting Every Valley 


Nowadays in the decade that we are living with a lot of music and new music proposals on streaming is difficult to find quality in the music and that’s why our choose of the week is the new album of Public Service Broadcasting.

Pubic Service Broadcasting are an English duo with 3 albums released by now and they’re innovating the music with their music proposal.

Their album debut Inform- Educate – Entertain had the consistency to mix ambiental music with voices that takes us back to the ‘60 tv news programs. Their second album The Race For Space is an album that remind us to the space and when the man walked the moon for the first time. Their single Go! is an excellent song that in the 4:11 length there’s no any boring second during this song. 

But this third album has something more special. The song titles on each song are more personal. First of all, the cover of the album express a certain calm over the ocean and this could takes us to imagine the personal meaning on this album of Public Service Broadcasting. Our favorites of the album is People Will Always Need Coal because the song starts quiet and ends on a great climax.

In the song Progress, Public Service Broadcasting incorporates a new element, in this case a woman voice on the chorus that was a good part during the album. The next songs on the album are more personal like in the case of You + Me is another of our favorites, a ballad that honestly could make you cry.At the end of the album, Take Me Home incorporates elements of a church choir that makes a good end of the album. 

Public Service Broadcasting has a great future, honestly this English duo has a great horizon for the future on the music scene. So probably we will hear more about this project on the future. 


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