Essential Albums: Future This The Big Pink

Future This by The Big Pink is one of the essential albums to have according to the opinion of The Echo Music Team. 

The Big Pink was a British band conformed by Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell in 2008. In January 2012, they released their second album Future This.

Future This has 10 songs. Songs that from the start of the album with Stay Gold has a huge influence of electro music combined with pop loops.The second single of the album Hit The Ground (Superman) is a catchy indie pop song that heavily sampled O Superman by Laurie Anderson. 
1313 is another of our favorites songs on the album. With the length of 5:52 minutes, particularly this song it hasn’t any boring second, that’s difficult to make in one song especially when it has more than 3 minute length.

Another of our favorites songs is Jump Music, because it is more notable the influence electronic all over 4:38 minutes length. 

Finally the album closes with 77, a quiet song; that has nothing of boring that makes a perfect ending of the second chapter of The Big Pink.

In February 2013, Furze announced on the band’s Facebook page that Cordell moved to New York permanently in order to focus on his label Merok Records and would no longer be an active member of The Big Pink.

On January 26, 2016, Big Pink released a video for the song “Hightimes” followed by a 4- song EP titled Empire Underground but nowadays there’s no any exactly date for a new third chapter of The Big Pink.

The Big Pink now is conformed by Robbie Furze and Mary Charteris. 


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