Band Profile: Friendly Fires

When we are referring to Friendly Fires, we need to talk about 2008. Nine years ago inside of the indie scene when was a explosion of new rhymes and ideas inside the indie music scene. 
Friendly Fires are a English band and their homonym album debut was a great contribution to the music at the point of being nominated to the Mercury Prize of 2009.

Their album debut starts with the incredible “Jump In The Pool”, and it has a collaboration with Au Revoir Simon on the choruses of Paris, their first single.
Our favorites ones are Strobe, a melodic love song, Lovesick, Skeleton Boy; an electronic song that it was hit that even it was included on a ad of the shampoo Garnier. Their song “On Board” was featured in North American television commercials for Nintendo’s Wii Fit. “On Board” is also featured in the trailer for the PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 5. “White Diamonds” is featured in one of the episodes in the second season of the American television series Gossip Girl. “Jump in the Pool” is the theme tune to BBC1’s Final Score for the 2009/10 Football Season, aired on Saturday afternoons.

We consider this album as a great contribution to the electro music and indie music that influenced too many bands like Capital Cities on their album debut. It was massive the success of this album that Friendly Fires played on too many music festivals on many countries like UK, Europe, Japan, the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and Australia.

After of taking a break of a pair of years that they decided to release their second album titled Pala, an album that their cover suggest it as a funny album and too much electro for the parrot on the cover and their single “Hawaiian Air” with their music video has a lot of beach vibe.

Pala is a funny album but has a lack of innovation like their album debut. Pala wasn’t successful as their album debut. 

After of a pair of years, the vocalist of Friendly Fires, Edward Macfarlane had a music collaboration on the album debut of Disclosure “Settle” on the song “Defeated No More”.

Nowadays there’s no any clue about a new album of Friendly Fires and it’s a shame because they were a band with too much potential on the indie scene. 


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