Hell is Eux Autres. Eux Autres.


Eux Autres is a band formed originally for the siblings Nicholas and Heather Larimer, from Portland with Omaha roots, which plays garage-pop. Guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Larimer graduated from North High School in ’96, while his drummer/vocalist sister Heather graduated from Central in ’90, where she was a cheerleader. (According to this article: http://www.timmcmahan.com/euxautres.htm ). Later, in 2008 Yoshi Nakamoto was recruited for the band, to play the drums. 

In “Hell is Eux Autres”, their first album, there are an interesting coincidence with the title of this album, which remind us the sentence “L’enfer, c’est les autres” or “Hell is other people”, one quote of the play “No Exit”, by the French existentialist Jean Paul Sarte. 

The main idea of the play “No Exit” is in reference of three persons which in life have committed some crimes and are finally in the hell, which is a room. In the end, they discover, that the hell is stay forever and ever with this other people, this other criminals in the same room, remembering always what they have done. 

In the case of this album, we can find some references where the hell is other people, for example in the song “Other Girls”, where “The other girls tell me that you don’t love me/You think I’m déclassè (inferior)/I should wash my hair”.  

The lyrics are interesting and in some of them there are words in french. In an interview, Heather said about the use of words in french in their songs: “Our mom lived in France in her youth, so she gave us the Francophile spirit. Then, when it was time to make a band, we were looking for a limitation to work within (other than the limitation of our musicianship). We needed a niche in order to give ourselves permission to make music. Just starting a band seemed so vast in possibility, it was terrifying. So we decided to make a band that would revisit 60s French pop and American garage, with weird simple lyrics, et cetera. Of course, it’s evolved away from that now. We may or may not have more French songs in the future”. (You can reed the full interview in this link: https://allthatevermattered.blogspot.mx/2008/10/interview-eux-autres.html?m=1 ). And the lyrics not only includes words in French, but also sentences of others songs as “Domo arigato, Mister Roboto!”, in “Le Project Citron”.

Maybe the best song, the blueprint of the album is “Wind and Windows”, emotive and melancholic, minimalist, intense, questioning “did she promise you that she’d need no life?”. Eux Autres is an interesting band that have released, after this first album, 11 albums, among LPs and EPs. 


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