Rave Sound of the Month. The Raveonettes


This year the last album of The Raveonettes was released in the form of one song by month, and it was called Rave Sound of the Month. In their website, the group said that “every month throughout 2016, we’ll be dropping a freshly recorded track. Taking you on a ride, potentially schizophrenic & disjointed, potentially cohesive and related”. Generally, the release it was the last week of the month. 

The elements and inspirations used by the band are very different from the past albums. About “Good Fight”, Sune Rose Wagner said:”The song basically portrays a dysfunctional relationship and what that could entail. Various scenarios of what could have been great gone wrong.” In contrast, “Where are you wild horses” is an interesting song, with a very catchy chorus, and it’s about “knowing when to leave, knowing when something is not working cause if you stay it’s gonna get painful. Sometimes it’s very difficult to say goodbye so you pray for someone to drag you away, in this case, wild horses”. 

By the other hand, the transitions in “Excuses” are new, for example between the minute 1:28 to 1:33 and 2:13 to 2:20. From one genre to another, without been notorious the contrast. With respect to this song, the group said: “24 hours before deadline it turns out the cover song, that was planned to release, hasn’t been legally approved by the publisher so a brand new song has to been written, produced, mixed and mastered very, very fast! The end result is EXCUSES”. 

“Run Mascara Run” is an interesting ballad, “partly inspired by a trip to the Bronx in New York with my mentor Richard Gottehrer and the one and only Dion, of Dion And The Belmonts fame. I remember distinctly Dion telling fantastic stories of gang life, girl crushes and of course Doo Wop. Hip Hop of course has always been a huge influence on everything I do so for the first time I decided to add a spoken word, stream of consciousness, rap part to a Raves tune. The notion of girls going off to war, instead of men has been haunting me for quite some time.

Imagine if that was the case! Images of the war in the Pacific, California surfer boys grieving the loss of their girlfriends or wives, etc. What if bombs had fallen in George Lucas’ American Graffiti? This is quite a schizo tune!”, says Sune Rose Wagner, according to Q Magazine. ( You can check it out the full article in this link: http://www.qthemusic.com/14093/the-raveonettes-februarys-rave-sound-of-the-month-premiere/ )

The last song of this Anti-Album was PENDEJO, released Friday 30, 2016, an instrumental track “that goes through a lot of emotions, its very cinematic and dark”, according to the band. Maybe is the best song of all the Rave Sound of the Month. Is interesting note that the word “Pendejo” is the Spanish word to describe someone idiotic, foolish. 

Is amazing the creativity and the ability of The Raveonettes to release frequently new music year after year. And this year, also they “wrote ‘NVRLND’, a song for a comic book re-imagining of Peter Pan via the LA underground music scene”, according to Nordic Playlist. (You can check it out the article in this link: http://nordicplaylist.com/the-raveonettes-a-good-fight/ ).

Finally, on Jan 21, 2017 in San Diego will be the release of the ‘Anti-Album’. In the release Gig/Party, the Fab Gateway Drugs will be supporting. 

You can listen our favorites in this links:

PENDEJO: https://open.spotify.com/track/6cO7OMs2zE3JsUgmo9s6W3

This World Is Empty Without You: https://open.spotify.com/track/7nnovbUvkUIgq6U8ZqOKV9 

Where Are Your Wild Horses: https://open.spotify.com/track/6TyTfjZeA8ZEMAvQsSLHMD

Run Mascara Run: https://open.spotify.com/track/7nkTtkBV7Nwx0eCjz576NZ


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