Dreamless. Crocodiles


This year, Crocodiles (Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell) released their sixth album studio, recorded in Mexico City. This new album, innovative like the other albums of the Crocodiles, is different from their usual style. In interview with The Echo Music, Brandon Welchez defined this album as “Stylistically it’s probably our weirdest album to date. There are a lot of new sounds that will probably surprise people but also plenty of songs that I think our old fans will love too. It’s got some of weirdest work but also some of our best work too”. (You can check it out the full interview in this link: https://theechomusic.wordpress.com/2016/06/28/theres-no-one-way-that-the-song-can-begin-interview-with-crocodiles/ )

By one side, “Telepathic lover” is an interesting song with the voice drifting, while “Welcome to the hell” is really catchy, “I’m sick” is a love song, with great end of the song.

By the other hand, there are songs inspired in Mexico: “Maximum penetration”, remains what happen in a Club in Mexico City, where the Crocodiles often live. It was something like a fight, fortunately nobody get hurts, but this experience is where come from this song, and “Alita” which make us think: Crocodiles talking about a sexy ghost with cumbia? Everything could happen, cause this song is pretty good! An style closely to “La negra Tomasa”. 

From the past album, the Crocodiles said that they have a new sound that can be called as salsa-punk and “muy chingón!” which, meaning “fucking awesome” in Spanish. In this case, they are testing with cumbia. 

In contrast, “Jumping on Angels”, which piano sound remind us a little bit to Kakmadafakka, and “Time to Kill” has an interesting bass line, and the drums are totally catchy. 

This album, keep showing that the Crocodiles enjoy made music, enjoy innovating and discovering new sounds to incorporate in their albums. And the use of cumbia style is something risky that no other punk group have done and they have done pretty well. 

Finally, you can listen our favorites in this links:

Alita: https://open.spotify.com/track/6YTqXXUdpnD4rjgB9J9slQ

Telepathic Lover: https://open.spotify.com/track/2A0wuRZd5l8peMV6YR91xf 

Time to kill: https://open.spotify.com/track/7yyXRmG7F62v9nGlKnrCmT