Merry Christmas Mr. Fields. Michael Angelakos


This is not another album of christmas music. This is an interesting mix between music of 1940’s, the talent of Michael Angelakos, frontman of Passion Pit, and the co work with Brent Katz (Harlem Shakes) and the director Hana Haley.

Described as a “World War II Christmas musical”, this album was created as a musical, but unfortunately by the visual part, there are only one video available at this moment.

According to the press release, the “foundational genre touchstones of Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields include 1940’s music (“Weather the Storm,” “Christmas in Your Arms,”) and the classicist’s take on orchestral musical theater (“Permission to Audition,” “And Never Be Afraid”)”. 

Notwithstanding, the album is very solid. Is a perfect combination of old and new sounds, cause the traditional Christmas songs appear with the characteristics synths of Passion Pit, and even, the Angelakos voice is very emotive in some songs as “Permission to audition” and “Evergreen”. 

By the other hand, “Weather the storm” becomes in the Passion Pit’s sound at the middle and “Footprints on the snow” is an interesting ballad.

Also, is important note that the press release said “AKH Productions will be donating all of the proceeds to charity, as well as the Nichols School Arts Department”. 

Finally, you can listen our favorites in this link:

Permission to audition:


Stained Glass Windows:


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