Possible scenarios for the Ceremony of the Nobel Prize in Literature

In 2007, Bob Dylan was awarded with the Price of Asturias Award for the Arts, for being “a living legend in the history of popular music and a guiding light for a generation that dreamt to change the world”. 

But, the day of the ceremony, he send only a message thanking to the King of Spain, Felipe the Prince and the Spaniards for being awarded with that Prize, being consent of the prestige of the prize and lacking to cannot be present to receive it, but hoping to return soon to Spain to manifestate his gratitude for the award. That night, he played in Omaha. 

In 2000, he won the Oscar Prize for the Best Original Song, with Things Have Changed from the film Wonder Boys. He accepted the Oscar, via video. And in 2010, after being awarded the National Medal for the Arts, he failed to show up at the White House to receive it. 

Until the day, Bob Dylan has not responded to any of the Nobel Prize committee’s emails or phone calls, trying to get in touch.

Is posible that December 10, he fail to show up, or maybe he attend the ceremony, in which case he could give an speech or only sing a song. Everything could happen with Bob Dylan. 


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