The Wave. Tom Chaplin


In 2013, the English rock band Keane split away. There was little information about the split, but in media appear some information about drugs abuse of the vocalist, Tom Chaplin. 

When one person have an addiction, the most difficult part of all is admit that have an addiction. In an interview with Neil McCormick, Chaplin talked about how he felt he was dying: “I’d wake up and think, ‘I’m going to be OK today’, but somehow I’d find myself dragged into this unstoppable desire to go and get high. Often it would be when my wife left for work.” He quotes his own lyric: “Three days later, I’m fighting for breath / Death sees me look out over the edge / A soft sweet whisper says ‘careful where you tread.’ Because in that final binge, I could hear my daughter saying: ‘just hang on one more moment, see if you can do it’.” That’s the story inside “Worthless Words”. (You can check it out the interview with Neil McCormick in this link: )

This new album of Tom Chaplin, is his return from a dark place, from a nightmare, called addiction. That’s the key for understand the lyrics, and even the album itself. Sometimes is an album about loss, but also asking for forgiveness. 

The approach is not so different from Keane, but is more intimate, more emotive, with some songs with piano and little effects from synths, with the sweet and often melancholic voice of the frontman of Keane

Also, in this album, is the first time we’ve heard the Chaplin’s songwriting abilities, and when the people ask to Chaplin “whether writing the record was therapeutic,” he says, “but I really don’t know. All I do know is that it felt like an extension of the therapy I was doing, and that it helped. I was writing honestly, and I don’t think I’d ever had the opportunity to be fully honest before.” (check it out the full article in this link: ).

In Keane, all the songs were written by Tim Rice-Oxley, even Chaplin said “I was envious of Tim’s songwriting and he was envious of my voice”.” (You can check it out the full article in this link: )

And the lyrics are well done, and the music too: While “Hardened Heart” is a catchy, interesting song, “The River” starts slowly but becomes fast just to invite to dance. As we said earlier, “Worthless Words”, is a song asking for forgiveness and “Solid Gold”, is an emotive ballad. Undoubtedly, the Keane fans will love this album. 

Finally, you can listen out favorites in this links:

“I Remember You”:

“Solid Gold”:

The Wave:


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