Holger. Victoria Cecilia

The relation between music and poetry always has been close. But is not easy transform the poetry in music. In the case of this project (an album with an e-book), according to Victoria Cecilia, frontwoman of Gliss, “the point of this project is to build a bridge between the old and the new, by mixing cultural heritage with modern elements”. 

Victoria Cecilia is the vocalist of Gliss, a Danish/American duo, consisting in her (vocal, bass, programming, synths) and Martin Klingman (vocals, guitar, drums, bass). After release with Gliss “Pale Reflections”, Cecilia Victoria decided release this year her first solo project. 

The name of the album is because all the songs are part of Holger Drachmann poems, who was a Danish poet and dramatist who lived between 1846 – 1908. Drachmann is one of the most popular Danish poets of modern time though much of his work is now forgotten. 

Drachmann first visited Skagen in 1872, but was until 1903, when he and his third wife Soffi settled in Skagen’s Vesterby in their Villa Pax. This is the place where the Victoria Cecilia’s project started. She said “the idea behind this project was to write contemporary music to a handful of Drachmann poems from the late 1800s. The music was written during my stay at the artist refuge Klitgaarden in Skagen. Denamark. Following my stay, I recorded all the piano parts and part of the vocals in Drachmann’s house, so the piano that is being heard on the album is Drachmann’s own piano”. 

That’s why the sound of the piano is so important in the album. Also, there are several sounds which remind us the sound of Gliss. For example, “Jeg Lægger Alting for Din Fod”, has a quiet start, but in the middle becomes electronic. In contrast, “Jeg Hører I Ensomme Stunder”, the sound of piano is the spine of the song and is catchy, while there are a metallic sound as back of the song. In “I De Lyse Nætter” is interesting the use of the chords. There are something evanescent in this album, something that is similar to Lagsom Dans by Gliss, but a little different, cause is more acoustic. 

Is notorious this project, with an interesting album that give us not only interesting music, also a little bit of poetry of this Danish poet. In her webpage, Victoria Cecilia announced several concerts to support her album, starting on December 10th 2016, in Skagens Museum, Skagen, Denmark, where this project born. 

Finally you can listen our favorites in this links:

Jeg Hører I Ensomme Stunder: https://open.spotify.com/track/5mO4Rj9pf3G2vkPMbpC39t

Farlige Drømme: https://open.spotify.com/track/7HvX177aoFXgTfZiV2NrCg 

Jule-Sne: https://open.spotify.com/track/7M0MXfrZGG7myz1CwTaCxp


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