The Pressure. Patience


This is the second EP of the solo project by Roxane Clifford, vocalist of Veronica Falls. About the name of this solo project, Clifford said in interview with Loud and Quiet Magazine, that she used “Patience as a pseudonym for ages, on Internet things. I’ve always really liked the word and its connotations”. 

After moved to Los Angeles, with “one suitcase and a guitar”, in a new continent, and because “I’m going out with somebody who lives here, so I was already spending quite a lot of time here anyway”, Clifford said in an interview with BrooklynVegan that “I’ve written and recorded a lot of different songs over the last couple of years and I’m excited to have them out in the world”. (You can check it out the full interview in this link:

That is notorious mostly in “The Pressure” which is interesting, for the use of the synths, sometimes funny, while “Wait for you” is a cover of Roky Erickson (the second song by Erickson covered by Clifford) and really catchy. In the interview with BrooklynVegan, she said “For the last two singles, I’ve taken my demos to my friend Lewis Cook in Glasgow who is a synth whizz and we’ve rerecorded the songs together on his analogue equipment”.

The tones are melancholic and nostalgic, the use of the synths remind us the sound of the 80, but also there are an aura of the 60’s. This EP’s is warming the expectation for the LP, but… Clifford have plans to release a LP with Patience? “My aim now is to get a record together (…) I’ve got absolutely loads of songs, but the key is going to be to try to merge some of the songs from the guitar album that I didn’t release with the electronic stuff. Once I’ve figured that out, I want the record done as soon as possible” (You can check it out the interview with Loud and Quiet Magazine in this link: )

About Veronica Falls and why this band suddenly disappeared after the release of the second album, Clifford said, in the interview with Loud and Quiet Magazine: “Patrick (Doyle), the drummer, has left the band, and the rest of us have been doing our own thing. We haven’t really talked about the future of the band, but everything has a lifespan, and the band wasn’t functioning after all that touring we did. I’ll work with James (Hoare) and Marion (Herbain) again at some point, so something will take shape, even if it’s not called Veronica Falls”. 

Anyway, for the moment, is an interesting EP with a couple of songs well done, but maybe the fans of this project must have a little Patience. While, you can listen the songs, in this links:

-The Pressure:

-Wait for you:


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