The Resistance. Muse


The Resistance is the fifth album of Muse, an album that we consider an ambitious but a great album.  The Resistance had a good reception on its release but music media had divided opinions.

Pitchfork said: “Muse are back, with an LP of all-caps, no half-stepping ART-ROCK that closes with a three-part epic so shameless about its size it’s billed as a “Symphony.” 

But we don’t agree with this opinion, we think Muse made an innovative album, after of their previous album “Black Holes and Revelations” was too much expectation about “The Resistance” but Muse did what few bands now make; leave their musical comfort zone and they released one of the best albums of 2009.

Andrew Leahey of AllMusic praised the album, highlighting “Guiding Light”, “United States of Eurasia” and “Exogenesis” calling it “by and large a fantastic record”

Queen guitarist Brian May praised the Queen-influenced sound that Muse incorporated into the album. “I love it, I think it’s great stuff,” May told the BBC. “I think they’re very good boys and extremely talented, and like us they have their tongue in cheek a lot of the time,” May said. He described the track “United States of Eurasia” as “brilliantly done”

The Resistance incorporate orchestral arrangements like on United States of Eurasia ( Collateral Damage ( a pianos’ sonet based on the Nocturne Op. 9 n.º 2 of Fryderyk Chopin, and in the song “I Belong To You” includes Mon cœur s’ouvre a ta voix” written by Camille Saint-Saëns taken from the opera Samson et Dalila. I Belong To You was included on the soundtrack “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” 

In The Resistance we can find rock songs like “Uprising”, “Undisclosed Desires”, the excellent “Unnatural Selection” that lengths almost 7 minutes.
The album closes with an exquisite Symphony divided on three parts, that we really loved. Such an extraordinary album to have on your music library.


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