Warm Soda: Indie Sound & Fresh Garage 

Warm Soda is a recent band. They started their music career on 2012 with the frontman Matthew Melton. This band we consider it has a fresh music vibe that deserve to be noted on the indie music scene.

Their music influence goes to glam, power pop and garage; Warm Soda have released three albums on studio: Someone for you, Young Reckless Hearts and Symbolic Dream, our favorite of The Echo Music team is Symbolic Dream.

This band has an interesting art on their albums incorporating their fresh music vibe, for example in Symbolic Dream the cover in the album we can find a burger with the name of the band on catsup.

According to MTV Warm Soda: “take turns the gritty, druggy original into a jangly power-pop song, complete with “aahhhs” and a new, Keith Richards guitar riff.And according to Spin, they describe to Warm Soda like “Shimmering Excellence” .

It’s important to highlight that the frontman of Warm Soda Matthew Melton was on other music project called Bare Wires.

In their web page the band has a fan mail, so you can share with them your opinion of the band on it, this is interesting because we don’t know any band who makes this dinamic.

There’s no much info of Warm Soda, that’s why we introduce this band to you & your music library, so take a listen to our favorite ones.
Someone for you. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdnzz6bq3Rs

Reaction https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G2Pd67odQ2A


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