2016… AKA 1 hour albums

Lately on the indie music scene, is common to hear about albums that length more than 1 hour. In this case, we can find too many musicians that their albums released on 2016 length more than 1 hour like Views of the rapper Drake.

In the indie music scene too many artists uses this length for their respective albums like the new of Hammock “Everything and Nothing”, the new one of DIIV “Is The Is Are”, The Joy Formidable “Hitch”, Niki & the Dove “Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now” but here the question is about this new currency on the 2016 albums, why release long albums nowadays? 
In the point of view like a listener, long length albums could be a tedious thing, because in albums like Everything and Nothing of Hammock it starts like a good ambiental music album but some songs are long, that makes lose the concentration on some certain songs.The music site Drowned In Sound, says is a “beautiful album but a difficult album, and long”.

There was so much expectation on the new DIIV’s album, so they released Is The Is Are and according to the Consequence of Sound “Is The Is Are” is “dense, indulgent, and complicated” so we think the same as they “dense to listen”

Another album with too much expectation was the new one of The Joy Formidable, after of their two successful albums and a soundtrack on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part. I. Hitch is an album complex to hear because their first songs on the album are catchy and in the middle of the album there are some songs that we consider not innovating. In the Pitchfork review it says: “their third album the disappointing realization that nothing new comes next”

On the new album of Niki & the Dove is not a dense album but it is a long one to listen, according to Pop Matters on their review it is says: “This album is an incredibly unprecedented but refreshing shift in focus after negating the responsibility to carry the Scandinavian synthpop touch, moving on in a way that is elegant, more purposeful, and smarter, even though it might be less bombastic and more long-winded. 

So which is the future of the music on making albums that length one hour? Let’s wait what more albums of 1 hour length on the rest of 2016.


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