Blond. Frank Ocean


In certain ways, all the arts are connected. In this sense, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, etc, in several ages were connected for similar tendencies and similar preoccupations.

Nowadays, in painting, sculpture, and in the architecture the current is that the creative process is more important than the result of it. For example, in architecture, Rem Koolhaas is the best example of it, where the process of design of the building is more important than the building itself.

In the music, the most recent album of Frank Ocean “Blond” or “Blonde” seems follow this current. In which sense? Seems the long list of collaborators (David Bowie, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Jamie xx, among others), is not only about the persons who participate in the creation of the songs, is about the influences in the creative process of Frank Ocean. 

In this sense, the fans will be disappointed if don’t listen the Bowie’s voice in any song (unfortunately his participation is only as an image in the cover art of the album, according to the Bowie’s publicist).

Anyway, the album is the most concrete, intense work of Frank Ocean to the date. Also, there are interesting songs as “Nikes” where the Ocean’s voice is distorted, and where the evolution among the song itself is great. Also “Solo” and “White Ferrari” are really interesting songs. 

By the other hand, there are experimental songs as “Be Yourself” and “Facebook Story” which make us think in what can we consider as a song? If there are sounds and silence there are a song? 

In “Be Yourself”, is a Rosie Watson’s voice (the mother of Ocean’s “good friend Jonathan”) gives some advices as a mother to his son, saying “Don’t try to be someone else … Do not smoke marijuana, Do not consume alcohol”. Maybe this warning is one of the most enigmatic songs in the album.

In “Facebook Story” is about one guy and his girlfriend, and when the girlfriend says accept me on Facebook and he said no, she says Its Over, only for jealousy. In this case, as in “Be Yourself” there are a sound of synth in the back of the song.

Finally, is interesting how the Frank Ocean’s voice mark the rhythms, not necessarily with music, showing us that to create a great album is not only important a lot of instruments, there can be an excellent album with minimalistic elements.

Can we say the album is better than the creative process behind of it? The fans will have the last word.


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