Gliss Riffer. Dan Deacon


When we think about Dan Deacon is inevitable think if he is better in album or live: in album is easier listen the textures of his music, but live he is a showman: he creates an atmosphere of charm and people frequently dance following the beats of his music, while sometimes he down with the crowd for dance with his public. Also, he launched an app to use in his gigs, making even more spectacular his shows.

In this album, Dan Deacon keeps digging in his exploration of new atmospheres, new open textures, but there’s also a change in his creative process, where “Learning to relax”, is the great example of this. In one interview with NPR, Dan Deacon said that he was one day on Facebook and then, a friend posted an interview with the actor Bill Murray, where he was “talking about his approach to acting — or his philosophy about life, I guess. And it just completely blew me away, because he said, “Whatever your job is, the more relaxed you are, the better you are”. That interview inspired him to create “Learning to Relax”, where the use of kids voices is interesting and the evolution of the song seems move like if had his own life, but the most important of all is that Deacon seems relaxed and that’s why the music seems more fluent. 

In an interview with Songwriters on process, Deacon said “When you make electronic music, the thing you’re interested in most is sounds. You want to hear sounds you haven’t heard before, or collections of sounds you haven’t heard before. In the rock tradition or the folk tradition, people want to hear lyrics that they haven’t heard before.  But with computer music and electronic music, it’s all about textures and sounds, and about making samples sound like new things.” This sounds are present along the album, but mostly in “Feel the Lightning” and in “Steely Blues”, and in this new sounds, samples, textures always are there a taste of innovation in the Deacon’s albums. 

 Also, Deacon said about the name of the album, Gliss Riffer: “Gliss is a common music term — it’s short for “glissando,” which means to slide, like when you drag your hands across a keyboard, or slide up and down the neck of a guitar. And a riffer, obviously, is one who plays sick riffs. It’s something that auto-correct wants to make sure that no one can actually type: I’ve seen “Glass Rafter,” “Gloss Dripper.” But I kind of like the idea of the Internet trying to change the name of my record”, said in the interview with NPR. 

And about a new album, Deacon said “I’ve spent years writing this record, and now I’m going to spend a year or a year and a half touring behind it. Obviously, I’d like to create new material, but the focus has to be on the performance. I have two practices: songwriting/studio practice and performance practice. Both need focus and dedication. So if all day I’m thinking about composing, then I’m not thinking about performing.” This said in the interview to Songwriters on Process. 

Finally, you can listen our favorite songs in this links:

Learning To Relax:

Feel The Lighting:

When I Was Done Dying: 


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