In Colour. Jamie xx

One of the characteristics of the so called “electronic music” is the creation of new and involving atmospheres. This characteristic is very notorious in this last album of Jamie Smith aka Jamie xx.

Member and creator of the interesting beats in the xx, Jamie xx has developed a great talent to mix, remix and recreate the xx music in their shows live, making more spectacular. 

His first major work after the xx’s successful first album, was rework the Gil Scott-Heron album “We’re New Here” for obtained the consent by Gil Scott-Heron to reimagine his album, and for the interesting atmospheres, beats, sounds, and rework in the Scott-Heron’s voice. The rework of “I’ll Take Care of You” is really interesting.

In Colour, the last Jamie xx album, he show us how far he can go from one music style to another, with a lot of quality, having also collaborations with others great musicians (Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim, his mates on the xx and with Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, Young Thug and Popcaan). 

In one interview with Pitchfork, talking about his family he said: “We don’t express emotions to each other very often”. Maybe, the expression of emotions is reserved to the production of his music.

There are a lot of variety in the use of the instruments and maybe the most interesting of all is the steel pan: “You can make it sound quite melancholy (…) But at the same time, it reminds me of paradise”, says in the interview with Pitchfork, about the steel pan. Is interesting note how he used too this instrument with the xx, in the song “Reunion”. 

In relation with the textures of his music, there are several loops very aligned in different tempos and the transitions are imperceptible. The sound of the drum machine is irregular, and that’s the sound that gaves to the songs his special touch and is the Jamie xx’s blueprint. This characteristic differentiation among degrees of intensity and the ordered relationships between sound and noise, are incredible.

In this album, In Colour there are great songs as “See Saw”, “Obvs”, “Girl” and out favorite, “The Rest is Noise”. In the other hand, “Stranger In A Room” seems more a song of the xx than a song of Jamie xx, for the sad, introspective tone.

Finally, you can listen our favorites in this links:

See Saw:

Stranger In A Room:

The Rest is Noise:


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