Heartbeat and music

Maybe one of the most perfect sounds of the human body is the heartbeat. This kind of noises, generated by the beating heart and the resultant flow of the blood, but also, the heart sounds have a poetic face, when a lover say “my heart beats for you”. If this noises have an artistic face… Can have a relation with the music?

First, for more strange that seems, this natural sound has been included in several songs. For example, in “Heart Skipped a Beat” by the xx, in synchrony with the lyrics, the sound of the drum machine played by Jamie xx, makes us think in the heartbeat. Also in “Into the night” by The Raveonettes there are a beat, in the back, very sutil, which reminds the sound a heart. 

In other songs there are a reminiscent of this sound, for example in “Heartbeat Song” by Kelly Clarkson, in “Beat of My Heart” by Hillary Duff, “Follow Me” where the heartbeat of the baby of Matt Bellamy appears in that song, “Anywhere In the World” by Mark Ronson & Katy B, Where Ronson took it to heart, recording athletes in training and working those sounds into the rhythm track, and so on, according to the article “16 songs with a heartbeat” by Amanda Flinner. (You can check it out the complete post here: http://www.songfacts.com/blog/writing/16_songs_with_a_heartbeat/ )

Second, today is possible make electronic music based on your heartbeat, through the experimental app “Pulse”. According to Forbes, all “you have to do is open the app and hold your finger over the iPhone camera for a minute. The iPhone has an optical sensor in its camera, and covering it allows the sensor to monitor changes in the finger’s color as blood flows. This can determine heart-rate, and the app then makes music off that tempo”. (You can check it out the complete article in this link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/natalierobehmed/2013/08/27/an-app-that-makes-music-from-your-heartbeat/#7a699c82b71a )

And third, there are a close relation between the music we listen and our heartbeat and this has been comprobated by several studies (among others, by studies in Pavia University, Italy) the music with quicker tempos made people breathe faster with increased their heart rate and blood pressure. In contrast, slow and soft music has the opposite results. (You can check it out the complete article in this link: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Healthday/story?id=7902380&page=1 )

Finally, there are a lot of relationships, in many ways with that little noise that make us still alive. 


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