Artists against photo and video in concerts?

Recently, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, in a gig, while he was singing he took the phone of one of the fans in the front row which was texting and he took away. In this link you can check few photos of the incident:

This event create commotion in Twitter, cause many artists agree. Kate Bush, issue a statement on her official website requesting fans refrain from filming or taking pictures. Other groups as Yeah Yeah Yeahs which want their audiences enjoy the live shows without iPhones.

 By the other hand, Savages has said, during his performance, that the people don’t use the cell phones and only have to enjoy the show. In one show, Savages posted this advice:

By the other hand, there are groups (Louis CK) have posted an advice as follows: 

“Tonight’s performance has a zero tolerance policy for audio, video and photography:
– No photography permitted

– No selfies inside the coliseum

– No video recording permitted

– No audio recording permitted

– No heckling of any kind

– No unprotected shouting of any kind 
This also includes mobile devices.

Violations will result in immediate removal with no re-entry or refund”

Why are recently the groups doing this? Is cause the love of the art? Which is the feeling of an artist when the people don’t see his performance? He must care? Or the people paying his ticket have the right to see or not see, to photography or not photography the gig?

This a situation of the artists, but the music industry is fighting against the same… Is for the same reasons? Recently Apple granted patent for way to stop iPhones from taking photos and videos at concerts. You can check the complete article here:

The artists are thinking in the music as an art, but maybe the industry has found a new business opportunity? 


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