TRON Legacy. Daft Punk


Nowadays is more common hear about electronic musicians are collaborating in soundtracks: that’s the case of M83 (Oblivion and You and the Night) and a huge etcetera.

In the case of this soundtrack, there was a lot of expectations cause the French duo haven’t released some music in years. The expectation was also cause this was the first score recorded by Daft Punk. 

Then comes the movie and the reviews was severe: it wasn’t the music of the French duo, it was only a score of a Disney movie. Also, there were rumors about several demos presented to Executives of Disney and were discarded by their somber sound. 

Anyway, to the margin of this rumors, we think the electronic musicians match excellent with orchestra. The idea of the electronic music is create atmospheres, textures, new sounds and Daft Punk have done that in this score. 

There are few songs as we expected from Daft Punk as in the case of “Derezzed”, “The Son of Flynn”, and “TRON Legacy (End Titles)” but in general the use of strings and synths is excellent, as in the case of “Adagio for TRON” were the atmospheres suggested are incredible. 

Unfortunately the critic, and also the fans were disappointed cause they were expecting the Daft Punk of the past albums. But this is a great album for the innovation that has Daft Punk and the mix of his talent with the classic music. For example, Ludovico Einaudi, the Italian pianist in his last albums incorporates the use of synths, creating new atmospheres and textures. Maybe the future of the electronic music will be incorporate strings in their albums. 

Finally, you can listen our favorites in this links:


Adagio for TRON:


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