The Killers. Profile

The Echo Music decided to talk one of the most influential rock bands of our generation: The Killers.

This is a band from Las Vegas, Nevada with five studio albums and one album of Greatest Hits. We must add the fact that Dave Keuning (the guitarist) put an advertisement searching for a vocalist on the band and Brandon Flowers saw this advertisement and that’s the origin of The Killers. 

Their excellent album debut Hot Fuss was released on 2004 and marks a new age on the alternative rock music scene. We cannot forget songs that turn into hymns like “Somebody Told Me” or “Mr. Brightside”. Nowadays is hard to see this band as an indie or alternative band, but that’s how they started. 

On 2006, The Killers released their second great album titled “Sam’s Town”, an album with more electric guitar presence on songs like “When You Were Young “, “This River is Wild” or “Uncle Johnny”. This album gave to The Killers a great projection to the fame. Even, Tim Burton declared to be fan of this band, and he made the video of the single “Bones”. It’s important says that he haven’t directed music videos until this one. 

The next album “Sawdust” is a collection of b-sides, rarities and covers of The Killers of the two previous albums. This album contains a great cover of Joy Division (Shadowplay) and a Mark Knopfler’s cover to Romeo & Juliet.

For the 2008, The Killers released their fourth studio album titled “Day & Age”, this album is not their best but it has a strong electro pop influence on songs like “Spaceman” or “Joyride”. Is not the same innovating band of the 2004, and the songs seem focused to be more catchy. 

In 2009, The Killers released a CD- DVD live of one of their glorious performances on the Royal Albert Hall of London. After of this album, Brandon Flowers decided to release a solo album titled Flamingo, in this album contains singles as Crossfire, in this music video has a cameo Charlize Theron.

Finally after of the promotion of Flamingo album; The Killers released their fifth album titled “Battle Born” an album 100% mainstream with pop rock influence. In some music videos we can find cameos of famous Hollywood actors and a new video by Tim Burton of the single “Here With Me”. 

In 2015 Brandon Flowers released his second solo album titled “The Desire Effect”, it has a pop rock influence.

Nowadays, The Killers are touring in some music festivals as headliners, so we start to think… the next album of The Killers will be an innovatory album or more pop-rock songs? Anyway, you can love or hate The Killers, there’s no in between. 


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