We just make what we wanna make.  Interview with Sune Rose Wagner

Sune Rose Wagner is the best example of a versatil artist: songwriter, guitarist, vocalist (solo and in the rock group The Raveonettes), producer (of groups as Crocodiles), collaborator with other artists (as in the case of Coco Morier) and even as a photographer’s assistant for Søren Solkær Starbird (which is a Danish photographer best known for his portraits of musicians, who was contributing photographer for Q Magazine, Rolling Stone and GQ, among others).

His first band was Psyched Up Janis which released three studio albums, one of old demos and one live. Then he started the famous band The Raveonettes with Sharin Foo, which has released seven studio albums and currently are working in a project of the Month Song, an innovative project consistent in release throughout 2016 a freshly recorded track, a kind of anti-album.

In 2008, he released his first (self-titled) solo album, the first album in his career sung in Danish. The Echo Music interviewed him about his creative process and he answer our questions.

Question: In which moment of your life you discovered that are you gonna dedicate to the music? How started everything?

Answer. Sune Rose Wagner: I got a drum kit when I was 5 years old but it wasn’t until I was 15 or so when I started playing guitar and listening to Bob Dylan I knew I wanted to be a songwriter.

Q. When are you gonna create a song… Where to start?

A. I write every day, I feel you have to to perfect your craft. I write mostly on the piano or I make beats.

Q. What is first? Music or lyrics? Do you believe in the inspiration or in the work daily?

A. I believe in hard work, hard work inspired me. I never not inspired, I love writing, it’s what I do. Music first always.

Q. Are you thinking about the album as a whole thing or song by song?

A. Both, it has to all blend together musically or lyrically in some way.

Q. How do you know when a song is finished?

A. You just know.

Q. Have you ever think in a second album solo?

A. Yes, it’s gonna happen!

Q. When you work with Sharin Foo… The group join together to write the songs or everyone plays their own part, as the guitars, drums, etc.

A. I write everything and then we discuss what we like or don’t like.

Q. After your first/second album are you thinking in your fans? In what do they expect of your music?

A. Not really haha, we just make what we wanna make really, but it’s always cool when the fans love it.

Q. What about the label? They have influence in the times of design of albums/songs?

A. We have our own label so we can do whatever we want!

Q. When you are playing on stage… In what do you think?

A. I don’t really enjoy performing that much, I much prefer writing.

Q. You are versatil… You are musician (solo and in a group, The Raveonettes) lyrist, producer… How do you balance all activities?

A. It’s what I do, I work on many different project at the same time, keeps me busy and happy. I love working.

Q. You are working currently with another musician/group?

A. Yes but I can’t disclose who.

Q. If any, with who do you like collaborate in an album??

A. Diplo, Charli XCX and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Q. Which musician/group are you listening currently?

A. I listen to everything from rockabilly, Top 40, electronic, I try to stay current while at the same time revisiting my influences like Buddy Holly, Jody Reynolds, surf music, hip hop and jazz.

Q. Do you think that are there any musician/group of our generation?

A. Not really.

Q. Which is your opinion of the musical industry currently?

A. I think it’s exciting, a lot of cool music and people are very creative.

Q. Finally, What do you think about different platforms to share the music in streaming, about the crowdfunding platforms and social networks to share music? Do you think them will help to the artist or not?

A. Music is in a good state and people should stop worrying!


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