Partie Traumatic. Black Kids


This album released on 2008 it’s a brilliant album debut from this Floridian band after their EP Wizards of Ahhhs created a great expectation for an album debut. 

We consider Partie Traumatic an excellent album debut who marks one of the album essentials of the 2008 in contrast with another reviews as, for example, Pitchfork who didn’t wrote an album review and only on the site appears a 3.3, with an image of two dogs (two pugs) saying, literally “sorry”. Also, is strange note that Pitchfork himself reviewed the EP as brilliant and all the EP songs were integrated to the LP. 

Anyway, this is a funny album with a strong influence on the ’80 sounds (Prince & The Cure) and lyrics about desire on someone that makes this album one of the essentials on your vinyl and musical collection.

“Listen To your Body” is a great example of rock pop explosion sounds following of “Hurricane Jane”. From “I’m Making Eyes at You” to “Look At Me When I Rock Withchoo” is like a story on the album while you listen it. Even, song after song, the energy grows high and seems the order of songs is from good to even better. 

In one interview with A.V. Club of 2009, Reggie Youngblood, frontman of Black Kids, said a little bit about the mentality of the group for work: “we were just kind of working from this mentality that it was about fun and enthusiasm, and that was kind of an indie mentality”. That mentality is what lead to the group to make this great album. Also, when we are listen this album we think as Black Kids enjoying, with a lot of enthusiasm, inviting us to dance with the songs.

The Echo Music editors had the chance to see Black Kids live two years ago in a music festival and they have everything to be a big band and, maybe, one of the best bands currently but unfortunately the music industry and media are underestimated this band. 

Nowadays, day after day is being released “new music”, but this “new music” are albums that are length more than 1 hour and they are considered brilliant for that reason. In this days, the innovation is less than in other years. 

Just a brilliant album and a great band. Unfortunately Black Kids haven’t released a second album yet; in 2014 released a song called “Origami” but two years after (2016) they announced they have already finished their second album that we cannot wait to listen. We’re sure that this second album will be better than our expectations. 

Finally, you can listen our favorites in this links:

I’ve Underestimated My Charm (Again):

Love Me Already:

I’m Making My Eyes At You: 


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