Bill Murray and music. 

Yes! You don’t have to read again the title of this post! Bill Murray? The actor and comedian? This is not a blog about music?

What have in common the songs “Learning to Relax” by Dan Deacon and “Bill Murray” by Phantogram? That they have as fountain inspiration the same person: Bill Murray. 

Bill Murray is an American actor, comedian and writer well known for his participation in films as “Lost in Translation” and “Ghostbusters”, among others, and who earned the Golden Globe, the BAFTA Award for Best Actor and been nominee for the Academy Award. 

So… How Bill Murray, this famous actor ended been an inspiration for this contemporary musicians?

In one interview with NPR, Dan Deacon (American composer and electronic musician, based in Baltimore, Maryland) said that one day “I was on Facebook. And a friend of mine posted a video from the Toronto Film Festival of Bill Murray talking about his approach to acting — or his philosophy about life, I guess. And it just completely blew me away, because he said, “Whatever your job is, the more relaxed you are, the better you are”. That video inspired to create “Learning to Relax”, the one of the best songs of his latest album “Gliss Riffer”. You can listen “Learning to Relax” in this link

By the other hand, Phantogram (an American electronic rock duo from Greenwich, New York) released on February 4, 2014 one song called precisely “Bill Murray”, and when The Atlantic asked about the name of the song, the Phantogram’s guitarist Josh Carter said “We named it ‘Bill Murray’ because we always pictured a sad Bill Murray for the visuals of that song”. Also, he said “We want him to be in the music video.” This song can be listen in this link:

But Bill Murray it’s not only an inspiration fountain. Also, he has a strong relationship with music from very long, as a fan or performer: singing with Eric Clapton and with Clint Eastwood, conducting a marching band, performing in an Elvis Presley costume and so on (you can check it out all the videos of this performance in the article “8 reasons why Bill Murray is a music legend” in this link: )

Even there were rumors of a musical titled Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray joined the Wu-Tang Clan, according to the Independient ( )


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