Travelator, Pt. 2. Electronics 1. The Time Machine. Jean-Michel Jarre and Pete Townshend 

Can the electronic music have an old sound? Or always the electronic music will sound futuristic? Can the electronic musicians keep maintaining modern?
All this questions come to our mind when we listen for first time about the releasing of a new album of Jean-Michel Jarre, the French and innovative electronic musician. In his time, albums as Oxygene and Revolutions were really innovative and the sound of the synths appear as the sound of 2016. Now, is 2016 but their albums if are great albums aren’t so modern… So, one album of him could be modern?

But when started to listen The Time Machine show us that the master keep being the master. In concrete, Travelator Pt. 2. is a great example of that. Also, in this song plays the great voice of Pete Townshend (member of the famous band The Who) and are to the level of anyone musician of our age. 

By the other hand, Daft Punk collaborate in Random Access Memories with Giorgio Moroder, another legend of the electronic music and in the intro of “Giorgio by Moroder”, Giorgio Moroder himself speaks about his own life in the electronic music. Later he released new music (which sounds modern) and play in several festivals. Another example of the actuality of the masters of the electronic music are the constant tours and gigs by Kraftwerk and the acceptation that they have between the young people. 

The Townshend voice stills sounding fresh and is amazing the rhythm that he have and interesting the combination with the synths of Jean-Michel Jarre.

You can listen this favorite song in this link: 



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