Here we are. Citizens!


After hearing one of the first Citizens! demos, Alex Kapranos (frontman of Franz Ferdinand) decided produce the first album of this band. Later, he told to NME “there are only three or four bands a decade that really matter. Citizens! sound like one of them for me. They do something you haven’t heard before, yet you feel they’ve always been in your life. They sound fresh because they aren’t followers -they have the balls to do something new and it sounds good”. 

So, in Here we are, Citizens! (Tom Burke, Thom Rhoades, Lawrence Diamond, Mike Evans, and Martyn Richmond [past member])) play an exploration of pop songs where feels the hand of the frontman of Franz Ferdinand but also, feels exactly different. There are in the songs a hook, something that get your attention, something new but no unknown. Also, there are a melancholic aura in the tone of the lyrics. 

The hook is different in every song: in “True Romance” at first is the keyboard sound, later the bass; in “Reptile” and in “Let’s Go All the Way” the keyboard; in “Caroline” the electric guitar; in “Love You More” the drums; in “Monster”, the bass; in general there are one sound that get your attention, but that hook is different in every song. Also, the mesmerizing voice of Tom, which is very particular, fresh and how Alex Kapranos said, something that you feel listen earlier.

In one interview with Figure 8 Magazine, the Citizens! frontman, Tom Burke said that Alex Kapranos said as a counsel “like guys, the challenge of being in a band is you’ve got to define your own genre, say what is that you do”. In this album, Citizens! discovered their own voice. 

One interesting and funny detail was that in his first gig in Mexico City, the Citizens! after ending the gig, come back to play “Caroline” with the traditional Mariachi, reworking the song in a perfect way. You can see a video with this version in this link

Maybe this is the blueprint of this band. They are innovative, they take risk and that’s the path for the success. 

Finally, you can listen our favorites in this links:

True Romance:


Let’s Go All The Way: 


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