Alchemy. Iko

Alchemy. Iko
This is an interesting EP. The songs starts quietly, generally with piano and the Kieran’s voice very slowly, really mesmerizing. The band have noted that their songs are “pronouncedly beautiful because of this elegiac simplicity”. And that’s true. 

In this case “Alchemy”, starts with the combination between the piano and the emotive Kieran voice create an involving atmosphere, evocative, but notorious for his simplicity. Simplicity that they apply also to the lyrics and themes of the songs. The song goes transforming in a delicate way in a rock song that we don’t have notice.

In “Emma”, the contrast between the calm music and rock is more notorious: after of a calm start, follows the electric guitar riff and then appears the Kieran’s voice. 

And the song who ends the EP, “Ruined” is very similar to the first one “Alchemy”, emotive, slowly, intense where the lyrics say: “I’m lost in your wonder/Video loops in playback/If silence is golden give me gray”.

This is the point where the first and the last song touches: “if silence is gold” in “Ruined” and the questions in the first song “Alchemy”: “where did they find you/and how did they know/and where they refined you?/is it where they make gold?”. Don’t forget which the finality of the alchemists was to find the philosophical stone to transform the metals in gold. And this gold is a metaphoric way to talk about the beauty.

This English rock band is a duo (both men) integrated for a lead singer and guitarist Kieran Scragg and Neil Reed on piano and keyboards, based on Devon. Their professional union dates back late 1990’s, but their personal union is earlier, since they were teenagers, according to their site. In 1999, the pair and the future Kieran’s wife created an indie pop group called Buffseeds. But that group, after several gigs, ended.

But that experience and that strange feeling of follow your own dream, put both together and they created a new band, more introspective, in resume, better.

Then they released two albums and several EPs under the name of Iko. Also, many of his sounds appeared in TV series as “Grey’s Anatomy” and in movies as in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2”. 

In 2007, the band signed with the Danish record label Copenhagen Records. There are rumors that the new Iko album will come out this year under the name “The Victory Hall”.

 In the meantime, we love listen his great music. You can listen our favorites in this links:




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