Glasvegas. Profile

Glasvegas. Profile

The first an homonym album of this Scottish indie rock band called Glasvegas was nominated to the Mercury Prize. The excellent voice of James Alan, and the perfection between the lead guitar by Rab Allan, the bass by Paul Donaghue and the drums by Jonna Löfgren (originally Caroline McKay). It was a new band with an extraordinary future, with good songs as “Geraldine” about a social worker, “Daddy’s Gone” and “Lonesome Swan”, with that electric guitar riffs. Even Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, said Glasvegas “could become the biggest band in the world”. 

And then was the start of recording of the second album, in Transylvania, but unfortunately, they cannot ending this second album focused to Christmas, and released only an EP, with interesting songs as “Cruel Moon”.

The second album, “Euphoric ///Heartbreak\\\” was a great album, but this time the critic and the public don’t celebrated as deserved. Even, according to The Guardian, James Allan describes this album as “the ascent, the crest of a wave and then the crash”. The sound of Glasvegas moved towards to more electronic sound. “Euphoria, Take My Hand”, the first single of this album, was also the most representative of the new Glasvegas’ sound: more electronic but at the same time, very emotive. There are great songs as “The World Is Yours” and “Shine Like Stars”. By the other hand, there are other calm songs as “Whatever Hurts You Through The Night”, “Dream, Dream, Dreaming” and “Lots Sometimes” which are the opposite side. Finally, they closed their second album with piano song. This was the last album recorded with his original label, Sony.

An album can be great but not appreciated in his time? That happen with The Postal Service, a group which in his moment was not appreciated as deserved, but his influence was so notorious that 10 years later of the released of his album, was released in a commemorative edition, and the group was celebrated, and also was the headliner of several festivals, including the Primavera Sound, for mention one. Is the same case with Glasvegas? We think it is. 

The band signed with their label, BMG and then comes the third album “Later… When The TV Turns To Static”. It’s notorious the evolution of the James Alan’s voice. There are songs as “All I want is my baby” (in electric and acoustic versions) where oneself can vibrate with the tonalities that creates his voice, and also feel what the lyrics mean, in this case, the desesperation of a father for the custody of her daughter. 

In certain songs feels a sense of nostalgia, as in “Later… When The TV Turns To Static”, song which gave the name to the album, “Choices” where the lyrics says “I don’t wanna be alone, but there no one else around… Still have choices”, as a scream of help in an ocean of indecision, and “Neon Bedroom”, which James Allan said that was originally written for a female pop artist, but then he keep it for himself

By the other hand, there are other interesting songs as where the spirit of the first album appears as “Youngblood”, “Magazine”, “If” and the extraordinary “Finished Sympathy”. 

Additionally, this group showed several aspects of evolution: with this last album they released an almanac with a cd and also a dvd, where are his unplugged gig filmed in Scotland. There, Glasvegas played all his songs in acoustic mode, in a church as a venue. 

Other interesting aspect is that they made a documental in Ecuador, playing with the indigenous. The contrast between the traditional indigenous music and the alternative electronic music by Glasvegas is interesting. 

In an interview with The Quietus, James Allan said about the future of the band this words “It always feels like the start. It’s the unknown. And I don’t always mean in a nice wee exciting way. I have always said that even from first record there was never a guarantee that I would make another one. I really don’t know, and the band know that. ‘Cos nothing’s certain with anything, marriages and stuff like that. They sometimes just don’t work out, sometimes they do. I don’t know what lies ahead but I guess I just hope for all those things. And I guess I just hope that the band’s sense of optimism and safety and happiness and all that kinda stuff, I hope that they’ve got that. I guess it’s all quite the unknown, and it is exciting man, because it’s just a mystery. So I don’t know. It’s scary as well. But it’s the same for everybody, innit?”

There are few news about the next album of Glasvegas. Few days ago, the group announced they have mix the first song of the next album, but the date of release still unknown. We think this is a good group, and is one of our essentials.


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