Mirage. Digitalism

Mirage. Digitalism⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The electronic music, in many ways, is an ambiental music. In fact, the quality of the music sound it’s the most important part of a gig of the electronic music groups/musicians. In this sense, in one interview with Chaos Control Digizine, Digitalism has said “You can see our current sound as the evolution of the one that we started off with. Sounds in electronic music always evolve, and you learn new skills in the studio. And then there’s the kind of music that you’re into at a certain moment.” 

In Mirage, the new album by Digitalism, the German musicians shows a lot of genres and rhythms with his magic touch. While “Go Time” remember us the sound of The Editors in his album “In this light and on this evening”, “Utopia” make us think in Daft Punk, mostly in his song “Digital Love”. Also, in this new album, there are songs which seems follow the rhythm of “Pogo” as in case of “Arena”.

It’s interesting think in how is the creative process of their albums. In the interview we mentioned above, talking about the creative process, the group say: “It’s like Jence builds the Lego blocks, and Isi shifts them around to build something with it. It’s very complementary. One dives into an ocean of details, the other one has more overview”. 

Also, respect to a track with vocals they have said: “When a track is finished, you can already tell what’s going on by how you talk about it. Some are instrumentals really, others are complete without the extra layer”. 

So, in this album, we can say Digitalism keep maintaining his extraordinary talent, introducing great new songs with his personal blueprint. Other interesting part of the album are the transitions between song to song, something that don let us lose our attention. By the other hand, there are songs as “Destination Breakdown” which the use of the times, the rhythms, the instruments, the synths are so perfect that the song changes in a way that appears moving from one style of electro house to end in a really calm way, similar to new age.

You can listen our favorites in this links:

Go Time: https://open.spotify.com/track/5xkrImAYOKvKHFEugHGKeN

Destination breakdown: https://open.spotify.com/track/7aeYPexgesMMIFCzakAaV3


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