Waiting for something to happen. Veronica Falls 

Waiting for something to happen. VeronicaFalls 


When we are young there are a lot of things that are unknown for ourselves. We discover for first time music, love and eventually that strange feeling called melancholic. 

We thought in that time when we were listen Waiting for something to happen. Maybe for the lyrics, for the languid Roxane Clifford’s voice and the evocative guitar’s riffs. Those elements are the Veronica Falls’ blueprint.

The best part of all is that the songs, one after other, are notable solid. The album as a hole take form in this time. If the first album was a little nostalgic, this one is nostalgic and melancholic. Roxanne Clifford, frontwoman of Veronica Falls, in one interview with The Big Take-Over said that the title of the song and also the title of the album “Waiting for something to happen” comes from a “generally feeling like you’re waiting for this invisible thing to arrive. I think everybody feels like that.”

There are unusual songs as “Daniel”, that is the best example of simplicity: only guitars and voices. On the other hand, there are songs as “Everybody’s changing”, “Falling Out” and “Last Conversation”, which seems have the same string. “So tired” picks up a young feeling, that feeling of being uncomfortable: “when you are sick of the people you know, sick and tired of them all”.

Better as the first one, this album is so fresh and at the same time nostalgic, that could been released in the 1960’s as well as in 2016.

In the same interview, Clifford said “I guess we want to make songs that people will appreciate forever. A lot of bands hide behind their sound, but they don’t have particularly good songs.” The Veronica Falls’ songs are pretty good and we think the people can appreciate and listen again and again.

You could listen our favorites in this links:

Falling Out: https://open.spotify.com/track/5g3Ojb9JXYv7sJ1XoLQzL1

Last conversation: https://open.spotify.com/track/54MWg6cdAp6jyylbAxYw7j


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