No One is Lost. Stars

No One is Lost. Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In this album, Stars turns to an electric sound, a little bit different from a their past albums. And the result it’s great, the voices mix interesting with the synths.

Also, there are slow songs as “What is to be done?” that make us remember “In Our bedroom after the war”, for the emotion, the lyrics, the tone. Also, “Look away”, where as always, the voices mixes ending marvelous results.

By the other hand there are songs to dance as “Trap Door”, where the voice of Torquil Campbell keep maintaining his fresh sound.

“No one is lost” is maybe is one of their most perfect songs. We can conclude that the addition of synths to make more electronic sound to Stars is a great choice. 

Finally, you can listen out favorites in this links:

What is to be done?

No One is Lost: