Future Present Past. The Strokes

Future Present Past. The Strokes.

Many reviews say that The Strokes are an iconic band, but also that keep playing the same. Maybe the title of this new EP can say the same about the band? More than future, the band keep playing with the same rhythm, looking at the past… But we can say this is a bad EP?

No, it’s not. Maybe The Strokes end the search for something new cause they have found their characteristic sound with Angles. But what happen? The solo projects of Julian Casablancas has distracted of the search of something new with The Strokes? No cause the collaboration with Daft Punk and also the release of his album solo, say much about his search of something new.

So… What’s the problem with this EP? The same with the last album, Comedown Machine… The people expects listen something new of The Strokes that don’t sounds the same. Something new but also something different… Maybe the band need take some risks? Change of paradigm? In a review, the journalist notes that “when you hear the individual members talk about their day-job, it’s usually with some mixture of reluctance, caginess and resignation”. Anyway, the voice of Julian Casablancas is perfect as always, the guitar riffs too and also the drums and the bass, but keep sounding the same. 

We could say that we are expecting something really new of The Strokes, but the same style it’s not so bad. There are moments as in the chorus of OBLIVIOUS, seems that The Strokes are enjoying, but one moment later no. Maybe, we could say that the Moretti remix of OBLIVIOUS it’s the best song of the album, cause take more risks than the other songs in the EP. 

We would love that The Strokes take more risks, cause seems they are playing with careful, in their comfort zone and a little of joy will let us enjoy the best of this band. They have talent. They are great. They are in the highest part of their career. But seems that they are scared of the change.

You could listen our favorite songs in this links:

Drag Queen: https://open.spotify.com/track/5OQyKF97zI9yt53Q4C4ejt 

OBLIVIOUS Moretti remix: https://open.spotify.com/track/5xNwsFP0iHozavj2wc3xXc


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