Versions. Zola Jesus

Versions. Zola Jesus

Between the classic and electronic music there are not a lot of difference. One example of this is Versions by Zola Jesus, an album which reinterpret their most famous songs.

Zola Jesus has an extraordinary voice that sometimes can get really high, and in Conatus that extraordinary voice was mixed with synths, creating extraordinary atmospheres. So, in this albums, she reinterprets using a quartet, and the result is amazing.

Maybe the future of the electronic music is ending mixing with classical. I can remember a lot of groups in versions unplugged mixing their music with violins, as in the case of The xx in one gig with the London phillarmonic and the last album of Placebo.

Even this album, could be more formal than the other Zola Jesus’ albums, her voice feels more closer.  

Our favorites songs are “Hikikomori”, in which one her voice, feels more fresh than in Conatus version and the contrast sounds great. “Run me out” sounds a little bit heavy and deep and “In your nature” reconstruct the song creating the same song with a really different sound.

You could listen our favorite songs in this links:


In your nature: 


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