Petit Biscuit. Petit Biscuit

Petit Biscuit. Petit Biscuit.

We noted in other review, something interesting is happening in the music in France. By one side, there are consolidated groups as Phoenix and Daft Punk, and recently great groups as Savages and Lescop, for mention only few, and there comes this project of Mehdi Benjelloun, under the name of Petit Biscuit, with an EP. 

In one interview of 2014, he introduced himself as follows: “I’m Mehdi Benjelloun, I’m 15, I live in Rouen. I produce since nearly one year under the name of Petit Biscuit. I don’t know how to describe my music, I want it really clean, really chill, it depends of my daily mood”. 

Through the use of synths, and baby voices that can make us think in Passion Pit, create atmospheres concretes. In the same interview, Benjelloun said that he “usually use samples only for vocals, everything else is done by myself, I do not like using samplers in general”. 

The introduction of “Sunset lover” is really emotive and one stick with that riff. By the other hand, it’s notable the contrast in “Iceland”, where the start it’s so cold as the name of the song and suddenly, the song becomes so move, that invites to dance. The use of the guitar is interesting.

His style, has been described as a fusion of alternative acoustic and chillwave, is really nice to the ear. Finally, you can listen our favorite songs in this links:

Sunset lover:



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