Boys. Crocodiles

Boys. Crocodiles

Mexico City is a city where everything could happen. And everything includes the apparition of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, the core members of the Crocodiles to record the fifth album. After been produced by Sune Rose Wagner in Crimes of Passion, one album where sometimes make you feel the guitar riffs of The Raveonettes, the Crocodiles could find their own voice. In that album, were energetic songs as “Heavy Metal Clouds” and “Me and My Machine Gun” mix with emotive songs as “Marquis de Sade” and “Un chant D’amour”.

By the other hand in Boys the Crocodiles keep using that voice that they find with Sune, and also, include several Mexican and Latin rhythms. “Crybaby demon” it’s the perfect example of this: the Charly guitar riffs with the Mexican sound of bass and the characteristic voice of Brandon. It’s notable that this album it’s been released by Zoo Music imprint, which Brandon runs with his wife, the vocalist of Dum Dum Girls. 

In Boys, the Crocodiles don’t keep exploring that contrast with calm songs, but they deliver us “The boy is a tramp” which has a nostalgic and melancholic sound. 

Our evaluation of this albums is:

– originality: 10

– use of instruments: 10, mostly the guitar riffs.

– lyrics: 10

– coherence between the songs in the album: 10

– coherence between the sound of the instruments: 10

In other reviews, the Crocodiles has been criticized cause they keep playing the same sound. We disagree. We think that they finally found his own voice in the fourth album, so they started to explore it, and that’s what they do in Boys. And the Crocodiles even Went further that in this album, they have said that this new sound can be called as salsa-punk and “muy chingón!” which, meaning “fucking awesome” in Spanish.

You can listen our favorites in this links:

The boy is tramp:

Crybaby Demon:


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