Kindred. Passion Pit

Kindred. Passion Pit

After Michael Angelakos disclosure several health problems and after of the successful second album, come this third Passion Pit album.

Passion Pit, as always, delivers in this album great songs as “My Brother Taught Me How To Swim”, which are an extraordinary use of the synths mixed with the always fresh Angelakos voice, sounds as children voices and vibrant lyrics with biblical references. About the Angelakos voice, we can say that is more mature than in Gossamer and in Manners,but keep maintaining their sound fresh and young. 

“Lifted up” is in this album the equivalent of “Take a Walk” in Gossamer. It’s a happy song that invite us to dance. 

Unfortunately, Kindred haven’t a lot of publicity and reviews as they deserved. Also, Passion Pit is not present in the Festivals of this year and they almost have disappeared of the stages. Even, except the singles, there are not videos of the Kindred songs on YouTube and only there are one acoustic version on Spotify of “My Brother Taught Me How To Swim”. 

Our evaluation of this albums is:
– originality: 10

– use of instruments: 10

– lyrics: 10

– coherence between the songs in the album: 9.5

– coherence between the sound of the instruments: 10, as always a great mix between Angelakos voice and the synths. 

You can listen our favorite songs in this links:
– My Brother Taught Me How To Swim:

– Lifted Up:

Other reviews have noted that there are songs of other groups in collaboration with Passion Pit, that make feel free Passion Pit and also couldn’t exist without his collaboration. That review say that it’s the case of “Pay No Mind” of Madeon. We could say that it’s the same case with his collaboration with Classixx in “Safe Inside”.

We hope listen coming soon about Passion Pit, mostly in the stages and also we are waiting for a new album.


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