Makthaverskan I and II. Makthaverskan

Makthaverskan I and II. Makthaverskan

This both albums are excellent, and there are a musical line between both. That’s why we decided speak about both in this single article. 

They have been classify as Post-punk group, but other publications classify them as dream pop or indie pop. Also, the meaning of Makthaverskan it’s unclear in English. 

There are versions that quote to the vocalist Maja Milner, saying about the word Makthaverskan, the name of the band and also of their albums, has no real meaning. Also, she said that “The band name just came from Hugo’s friend who made it up, and we thought it sounded cool, so we took it. The meaning is really hard to describe in English, but it’s the female form of someone with a lot of power. ‘Makthavare,’ is the male version, so ‘makthaverskan’ is the female version.” She also said, “We didn’t have any background thoughts about meaning, but I think it describes Irma and me pretty well, since we both take charge and are powerful”. 

And she has a powerful voice, which is very well exploded in songs as “Vi Var Människor Från Början”, Inside of me”, “Abstinents” in Makthaverskan I and “Antabus”, “Asleep” and “No Mercy” in Makthaverskan II. In this last one song, the lyrics are more intense as the sound of the guitar riffs. 

It’s notable the evolution of Makthaverskan in the second album, cause the songs are more intense and deep, as in “Volga”. Even, in both albums there are a lot of energy, which sometimes invite us to jump and dance with their songs. 

Our evaluation of this albums is:
– originality: 10

– use of instruments: 10

– lyrics: 10, mostly in No Mercy

– coherence between the songs in the album: 10

– coherence between the sound of the instruments: 10
You can listen our favorite songs in this links:
– Inside of me:
– No mercy:

– Volga:


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