Lescop. Lescop

Lescop. Lescop
This French group has many years playing, and finally they released their first album, including some of the songs of their EP. Unfortunately, one of our favorite songs in one of the EP, “Marlene”, is not part of this first album.

Seems that something interesting is happen in France, cause recently there are several new French options in this kind of music as Savages, AV (which collaborates with Lescop in this album, in “Tokyo la nuit”) and Fauve. Also, this album is released for Pop Noire label, the label created for Jehnny Beth, vocalist of Savages. 

The most notable part of the album is the coherence between the songs, forming a hole. Our favorite songs are “La Forêt” and “La nuit americaine”. 

Our evaluation of this album is:
– originality: 10

– use of instruments: 10

– coherence between the songs in the album: 10

– coherence between the sound of the instruments: 10


You can listen our favorites songs in this links:
La Forêt: 


La nuit americaine:



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